Ascendence Are you ready to Ascend?

If you are in danger and you are not able to contact local authorities.

Contact us.

We will see what we can do for you.

We are the ones that didn't take NO for the answer.

We come together from around the world to take the stand for what is right.

We stand with and if needed we will stand for you.

We do not play the games.

We have all been in that position when you had to choose, do the right thing and likely bring hardship upon yourself (and those around you) or go against your own morals...

We say NO more!

We say do what is right.

We are here for you when no one else is.

That is who we are!

We all need to take this stand here, now, and forever against (to name only a few): 

Human Rights Abusers, Abuse of Power, Corruption and Organized Crime!